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With so many porn sites nowadays, a person can only hope to stumble upon a good one, or that one person can just search and search, until finding that one good site. However, there are sites that are good, it is just that they are so rare, that you simply cannot just find them every day. Though, once you get to this one, called Cum Blast City, you will want for no other site, as it has everything you need, from sex, hardcore sex, to facials.

A look at the content

With such a good name, you might expect it to have a nice design, and it is, modern in a way, yet still very usable and easy on the eyes. At the top of the home page, you can see a banner, one that has the site’s logo and a few girls, some covered in cum, some about to be, in front of a dick, while others are just pretty while naked or almost naked. Below, against a purple background, you can find the previews, many of them, too. Some are still images while other are like gif animations, you can see some of the action. With the captions below each video, you can see what the content is about, and you can get to know the site is about, even before you join.

Though, let me reassure you, joining has many perks, some of which are the sorting options, which you get to use, only to find the videos quicker. The search bar also helps in that venture, as you get to find the content in a flash. What I’ve also found to be really nice is the fact that there is no lag at all on the site, and that you can see all the amazing content without ever losing a second on loading time, even on the mobile devices.

Video and stars

Good optimization can take a site a long way, and with all that you get to see on such a site, like this one, you can only have more fun, in other words, you can have more orgasms. There is so much to love about this site, from its design, to its incredibly hot girls. They are not only hot, they have bodies which will get you to be very crazy, and in such a way that an orgasm will be right there, for the taking. It is easy to get those with the site’s content, simply because the girls are incredibly hot, and because they know how to fuck, and they love doing so.

That means a lot, as there is rarely a site that offers so many great cumshot videos and in such good quality. Yeah, all the videos are in HD quality, at least, and with an average duration of 20 minutes, there is a lot of content to see. You should know, that once you join, you get not only one site full of great content, but over 9 of them, and they all boast with a variety of stuff. Furthermore, all the content is downloadable, you can have as many videos as you can take.

Membership price

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  • $29.90
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $94.80 – $7.90/Mo.

Final thoughts

It is not every day that you stumble upon a site as great as this one, and it is not every day that you can just have so much good porn. Come and see for yourself, and you will surely not be disappointed.

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