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CheckOutMyChick is one of those sites that really gives you everything you could possibly want from a porn site. One thing that is truly admirable about it is that it does not try to cut any corners at all. No, this is a site that gives you anything and everything you could possibly want from amateur porn.

The thing is, there are not that many sites out there that give you true amateur porn. When you go to these sites that are supposedly giving you amateur porn, all you really end up seeing there are lame videos that are pretending to be amateur but are really just as scripted as regular porn. Amateur porn is supposed to be unscripted and spontaneous. It is supposed to make you hard because you see a glimpse of what the girl would be like during actual sex. If you had wanted to see regular porn, you would have gone to a regular porn site!

This is why CheckOutMyChick is such a great option for you. It gives you the sort of porn that you will actually enjoy, because it conforms to all of the various rules and regulations that amateur porn needs to follow. The videos are unscripted, the girls are never paid porn stars, you even get the rather rare benefit of seeing girls that have absolutely no surgical alterations done to them at all.

All in all, this site really does seem like a dream come true for someone that is into amateur porn. However, if you are thinking of actually paying for a website, you might just need to think twice because these sites can often be fake. Hence, in order to make this process as easy for you as possible, I wrote this review.

A look at the content

The layout of this website is quite exciting, because it keeps everything that is good about the website all the way in the front. It is usually quite difficult to find sites that toe this line. Either the sites are too in your face as if they are trying to advertise to you while you are on their very site, or sites are just too subtle about it and, as a result, don’t end up giving you an experience that is immersive enough.

This site does a great job at creating an adequate colour scheme as well. You get to see the best things that the site has to offer in a wonderful pink arrangement. This pink is accentuated by some white as well, and this only makes the pink pop out even more. The varying shades of pink is where this site truly wins, however. There are a lot of different shades that you can work with, and choosing what shade would be right for what aspect of the site can be a truly difficult task if you are not knowledgeable about how to do such things. However, the creators of this site have done an extremely good job.

The pink is never too sweet; it never overpowers the other aspects of the site. Overall, the shades that are used are extremely subtle, to the point where you really start to get into the mood thanks the too cute and playful feel that the pink puts you in.

When you are looking to subscribe to any porn site, your first intention is to save in the long run, and CheckOutMyChick is no different. You will be surprised to find that CheckOutMyChick is pretty affordable, especially if you opt for the 90-day recurring membership plan.

Video and stars

In the videos that are available on the site, you are going to notice something and this is something that is going to make you feel really good about your decision to subscribe to it. This is the fact that pretty much every single girl on this site is natural.

You are not going to see a single surgical alteration on any of the girls on this site, in fact the girls are so natural that they look like pretty much any other girl that you would see on the street. The only difference is that every girl here is hot, whereas on the street you might see some girls that are not all that attractive.

This essence of realism is a theme that runs throughout all of the porn on this site. It ends up making you realize just how amazing the porn on this site really is. Because you are able to get a glimpse into the lives of these girls, you are probably going to end up experiencing some of the best orgasms of your life.

All in all, this is something that truly does benefit your orgasms, namely the realism of the porn. You will see true orgasms, something that is very rare indeed in the world of porn where most girls fake it. The girls here are having a good time, they are just enjoying themselves, and when they come you can really see it in the pleasure that they experience in the core of their bodies. Their reactions are impossible to fake, because you can see an actual physical response in their bodies as well which is going to help you enjoy your jerk off sessions more than you ever would have before.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

Subscribing to this site probably seems like a pretty smart move by this point, and you would not be wrong at all if you are thinking that right now. Finding a site that gives you good porn is nearly impossible these days, but finding a site that gives you good amateur porn is like finding a lake in a desert. It’s important to know that you can save a lot of money by subscribing to this website too. You get to subscribe in advance for several months, and doing so can get you some pretty heavy discounts. All in all, this is a site that you really should subscribe to as soon as possible.

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