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For a lot of people, there would be no better job than getting paid for fucking. Fucking in front of the camera is a hard profession that asks for a lot of discipline and devotion, but even those who are not professionals can make it if they are only brave enough to do it. Cash For Sex Tape is a brand new site that will show true couples, having sex on camera and accepting money for it. It is raw, it is real. Welcome!

A look at the content

The first thing that becomes a highlight, once you start to analyze whatever makes Cash For Sex Tape special, it is the freedom of choice that it brings to the users. Cash For Sex Tape allows the users to think about what they are watching and how and when they watch it. But this kind of freedom does not come at the cost of order or focus. The site is always guiding you towards the content available, but it never holds your hand long enough so that it becomes annoying or overwhelming. The site presents several features that make Cash For Sex Tape stand apart from the other porn sites of the genre. One of those features is the use of a fantastic Download Manager. The Download Manager makes your life so much easier that you would not believe it.

The Download Manager, as well as other features, appears also in the mobile version of the site. If you are always on the go, if you never stay too long at home, then the mobile platform will be heaven sent to you. You will be able to access all the content through your mobile phone or tablet. Android, iOS, and Windows are all compatible. Cash For Sex Tape also allows you to upload your own content to the site. If you meet the requirements, you will be able to submit your own sex tape to the site and of course, be paid for it. This allows the site to grow in unexpected rate and it also pushes the user to engage in a community, unlike other porn sites that encourage secrecy.

Video and stars

In Cash For Sex Tape, you will only find the real couple having sex on camera. It is glorious and real, that amateurish look that is always part of the girls on the site, it is inviting and exciting, you never know what is going to happen. These girls are ready for everything; oral, anal, threesomes, orgies, you name it; they will do it, all in the name of lust and money. There is a mix between white and ethnic models that is really proportionate. Body types are also quite diverse and they mostly range between slim and average.

Being an amateur site does not mean that the quality of the videos is going to be low, quite the contrary, the video quality in each of the videos is outstanding; Full HD 1080p image resolution, for all videos you want to download. You can choose between a number of video formats MP4 and M4V at the moment of downloading. You can also stream the videos directly to your browser, with no image tearing and by using a very good flash player.  There are more than 392 scenes for you to download. All the content is 100% exclusive to the site. There is also an amazing image collection with more than 269 image galleries. Each gallery packs around 375 HQ images that you can download as a zip file. If you decide to be part of the site you will need a membership. There is a 1-day trial, a 1 month and 3-month memberships and they are all worth it. The price point is really affordable. And as a bonus, you will get access to 5 more sites full of great content.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

What else can you be waiting for? Cash For Sex Tape is full of amazing exclusive content and all of it for a very affordable price. Do not miss this deal. It is amazing.

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