Never heard about the Buck-angel?


It is a common feature all over the world for guys turning themselves into girls. There are those who even have their penis cut but many usually remain as she-males. However, it is pretty rare to find a girl born as a woman transitioning to being male. Well, Buck Angel is all that and more. Born a girl, he has changed everything about him and is now a buff guy except for the vagina that still remains between his legs.

This has even given him the popularity as the man with a pussy. In fact, he is the first FTM (female to male) porn star. If you are into such actions involving a guy with a pussy getting fucked, fisting, fucking and many more insane actions, then this site was all but meant for your pleasure.

A look at the content

The members of Buck Angel have a really cool package on offer. It is especially worth noting that the site was reconstructed and updated to match with the technology of the time. The site has changed and updates are more regular happening every week which is a really cool thing. Buck Angel should have identified the huge market that is in live shows and opened up to this forum.

I have been told many times that the best porn is live porn and well, I agree. Navigating the site is a breeze thanks to the icons and menu that help one to get to where he desires to go rather fast. Also, the site has every scene put well on the wall with a proper description that helps one to properly identify with the video and know whether it interests him/her without opening it.

Video and stars

Buck Angel is the main feature of the site. He is very masculine with a body to die for. He has huge tattoos all over covering a huge chunk of his abdomen. He is I believe the most famous Trans men in the world. He goes on the stand that one does not require a cock to be a man and loves taking it in his pussy. It is difficult to categorize where he stands as he loves taking cock, playing with other girls’ pussies, as well as getting into other kinky action. I never imagined that any of the Buck Angel videos could turn me on but that turned out wrong it made me go crazy exploring many mind blowing positions with my newly made dildo.

Other than Buck Angel, there is a host of other models who feature extensively on the site. These porn stars feature either in a scene with Buck Angel, or with other porn stars, or alone in a solo scene. Some of these stars include Wolf Hudson, Zack O’Reilly, Xander, and Oyle Harrison. All in all, the site has about 40 porn stars. The last time I visited the site, it boasted of about 111 videos. The videos can either be watched online or downloaded. There are also 120 photo galleries on the site that hold about 5600 photos. A few of these are the only ones that can be downloaded as zipping folders while the rest, about 69 galleries have photos that are downloadable individually. Good news for the members is that there is no limit in downloading the videos.

Membership price

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  • $24.96
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
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Final thoughts

Basically, if you are into FTM, then this site is one of the best out there. The remodeling of the site has also seen it looking better and classier than before. The website is really cool and the webmaster did a good job. I recommend the site fully.

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