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Lesbian porn sites are acclaimed and honored in the porn industry and this is because majority of us men love our fair share of erotic women getting it on with each other, without the presence of any males at this point in time. What makes lesbian porn sites so darn interesting that it tops all other genres that go along with it? Well, men like us turn to porn to be able to watch women in all their naked glory, sucking, fucking, getting finger banged and many others. Watching may not beat “feeling” and the actual thing but that is the closest that we can get when we get really busy. Lesbian porn sites have a way to bring out the erotic, the hardcore, and the lewd altogether and this is something that we all love to see in action – especially between two ladies, or maybe even more.

If you wish to get the entire package in one site, then SapphicLovers is a perfect match for you. Sapphic technically means lesbian, and although it sounds a little bit softer than the latter, trust me when I say that such belongs to the same environment. For many of us who have turned to porn all our lives, because of our busy schedules and our circumstances, we would want to get into the best of the best and in this age in time, this could be a little difficult since the Internet is chock full of many different versions of lesbian porn sites that do not make the cut. SapphicLovers is not one of these and I can assure you that. SapphicLovers is a place where you can find fresh girls licking each other, fucking each other, finger banging each other, scissoring each other, playing with toys and shoving it inside each other, and so many more.

Every single thing you will find in here is sincerely erotic and highly lewd, not to mention that the sexual activities being committed feature a lot of gorgeous ladies who cannot just get enough of one or two sessions. This is a major turn on, if I must say so. SapphicLovers is a porn site that has been around since early November 2014 and is under a famous porn company called ExtremeMovieCash. If you are active and well informed of the porn industry and its branches, you will know that this company is famous for their unique and one of a kind porn sites and they usually deliver. So expect SapphicLovers to be something you should be looking forward to.

A look at the content

SapphicLovers has a very generic looking website, the same feature you will find in all of ExtremeMovieCash’s other porn sites. This is not something new and this is not something to be worried about since the simplicity of the site helps its members concentrate on the content rather than the website design. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the minimalistic feature of the site is very helpful with navigation and such. With the white background floating about and the grey fonts that aid it, you are sure to enjoy your time without gaining a headache. The links are absolutely visible and are easily located. The most vital links are found right on top of the site, on the upper right corner, to be exact. It is formally aligned with the site’s logo that has been on the top left corner ever since.

The links consist of the ‘Home’ button, the ‘Network’ button, the ‘Movies’ button, the ‘Bonus’ button, the ‘Members’ button, and if you have not signed up as a member, you get to see the ‘Join Now’ button. Below that, you will see a huge blown up slideshow of photos that feature the newly updated and uploaded videos the site has set up. They are usually titled and dated and are mostly in hi resolution. Below that, you see the throng of video thumbnails that when clicked, will prompt and take you to the corresponding videos it represents. These videos have the listed dates, as well and they are tagged just the right way. The names of the models are also listed in each video and I say that is a huge help if you want to know who stars in each scene immediately.

The site allows you to do plenty of things and that includes being able to rate each of the scenes and comment on them for others to see. Each video can also be added to your favorites if you wish to do so, so you can access them more easily in the future. Along with that, you may sort the videos by filtered tags but there are no other browsing tools available other than that. There is no advanced search bar and such. There is a model index though and they come with each of the girls’ individual profiles, along with their names and photos.

Video and stars

SapphicLovers has a lot of the most gorgeous girls known in the porn industry. These girls love to go down on each other, the dirty, nasty way and their lewd actions are not limited to a few sensual activities. When they go down, they go down hard and they will leave you hard, and their partners on screen just sopping wet. Each of the scenes are caught on camera and can be viewed in your browser via an embedded Flash player or by downloading them to your specific device in MP4 or WMV format. Majority of the scenes are in full HD and even offer a full HD playback. The resolutions available for both downloading and online viewing are at 1280 x 720 and at 1920 x 1080. There are no photo sets found here so you would have to make use of the video caps.

Membership price

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  • $29.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
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Final thoughts

If you are looking for a good lesbian porn site that delivers quite the package, you will love SapphicLovers and the entire great thing it gives out to their members. I am highly recommending this one right here to those lesbian porn enthusiasts because this one has great potential.

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