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Sex is such a thing that will surely entice all us humans. You will hardly find someone who is not fond of this phenomenon. If you happen to be a porn lover then you must be aware of the different types of sex contents that are available in the market. As the business of porn is very much profitable you will see that different countries are investing a whole lot of money in this sector. When different nations are making sex movies, they will surely be using models that belong to that particular ethnicity. For instance, I came across a porn portal that was entirely based on the sex actions of Asian chicks.

The name of the locale is Fried Rice Fuckers. No hearing the name for the first time, you will surely reflect on whether this is a Chinese fast food joint that will be serving you with the most lip-smacking delicious food items. But on taking a closer look, you will see that this is actually a sex locale that specializes in making adult movies that will only feature Asian lassies in their best performances. So, if you have the fetish for Asian divas, then this is the site that you should check out. The year was 2007, when we first got the glimpse of this locale. When the portal was launched for the first time, it took the market with a storm. Everyone was talking about the locale as it consisted of the best in the class movies, featuring horny Asian damsels in their best make.

I was in luck because my search for sex movies got a face in the form of Fried Rice Fuckers. The very instant that I got enrolled in the portal, I became sure of the fact that I was going to spend a lot of time here. There are many features that have helped in giving the portal the high status that it enjoys in the recent days. The quality of the sex fairies and the action that they indulge in are match winners in all respects. One you enter the locale, you will see exactly why I am talking so highly about this site. The makers of the web link have been very careful in providing all the necessary amenities for the customers.

This is a place that will deliver the best of the best Asian adult movies that you can ask for. Fried Rice Fuckers has been carving a niche in the market and making its own place in the minds of the people. This has been made with the help of the services that re being provided by the directors of the portal. While filming the movies, the directors keep the quality in mind. To avoid any circumstances of monotony, they choose a different set of models and locations each time.

Among the various actions that you will get to see here, the principal act is that of Asian cunt drilling. The intense ways in which these oriental lassies get their glory holes screwed is a treat for the eyes. Along with this, the sight of the wet and lady cream filled cunts will make your dick grow harder by the passing minute. The two other important acts include blowjobs and handjobs. The intense cock sucking and consecutive cum spray on the pussies, tits and mouths will surely keep you asking for more.

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A look at the content

While discussing about the design of the locale, that first thing that will attract your eyes is that of decoration and layout of the home page. As soon as you click on the link, the brightly colored, oriental stylized banner opens up. Here, the name of the portal has been mentioned properly. Along with it, to put more emphasis on the orientation of the portal, a noodle box, with noodles peeking out has been used. The big banner sized image of the oriental sex goddesses are also depicted here. Over all, one look at the home page is enough to clarify the fact that this is based on the body of work of the Asian ladies. For getting access to the videos and images, you will need to become a paid member of this site.

This can be done by applying for it by filling up the online application form of registration. Once you do this, the next step that you need to tackle is that of subscribing to any of the many packages. While making the payments, you can make use of the online checks or any of the recognized credit cards. For keeping the contents in your possession, you can copy them or you can opt for viewing them directly from the internet. The format of MP4 can be used for both downloading and streaming. The resolution that you will get here are also of same quality, 640×480 and the bit rates are also the same, 1600K. The videos and images are not tagged with any DRM licensing, neither are there any download limits. The membership of this single locale will open the doors of 25 other portals for you.

Video and stars

In this adult entertainment site, you will get the company of many horny chicks who have only one though in their minds. That is to provide you with the optimum sexual pleasures. Along with conventional sex action, you will get the honor of watching threesome videos, gangbangs and all girl pleasuring scenes as well. This site will titillate you with 93+ videos, each of a play time of 15 minutes. As for the galleries, you will get to bask in the glory of 437+ sets and all of them will showcase 60 photographs.

Final thoughts

There are many portals that operate in the same genre but the importance of this locale has been at an all-time high. This is mainly because of the fact that the makers are in the constant strive of making the contents better in every possible way.

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