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Top hardcore massage porn site to enjoy if you like watching Asian ladies play as sexy masseuses in a massage parlor. Aside from giving great massages, these ladies seem to excel well in the art of seduction and sex play. As they coat themselves in slippery soap, they then rub their own bodies onto the bodies of their male customers. Feeling a little hot themselves, these men face front and then receive the lewdest of hand jobs and blow jobs.

Horny as they are, all this eventually leads to eventful hardcore sex which will keep you rooted on your seat, taking care of that raging boner. Launched in August 2007 with niches such as reality porn, hardcore sex, and hand jobs, this site has been recognized plenty of times already. It is under the Fantasy Massage network and is one of the few really good massage themed porn sites out there.

A look at the content

SoapyMassage has a neat and organized site interface, paired with its colorful and bubbly site design. Aesthetically, the site is very good to look at and it remains elegant despite the pop of colors. Its navigation is superbly easy and overall, SoapyMassage is convenient to their audience, as well as definitely beneficial. Browsing is a walk in the park despite the site not having an advanced search engine. You do get to sort out the content by their dates, titles, ratings, popularity, and number of views. You may as well use the categories toolbar found on the left side of the page. A pagination link is also available to make things even easier. The videos cannot be commented on but they can be rated and they are equipped with content tags that will give you even more options when you want to skim over all their collection.

250+ photo sets are also part of the site and they consist of around 60+ hi-res photos that have a dimension of 1280 x 960. You can download the galleries in zip files, save the photos individually, or just view them in slideshow mode on your browser. Nevertheless, you get great quality photos. Apart from that, with your membership, you get free access to bonus sites under the Fantasy Massage network. These bonus sites are also just as hardcore and having access to them means you get to watch all their collection too. Yes, for free. Since SoapyMassage is exclusive, you can only find their content in here and nowhere else. Updates are a little inconsistent and slow but the site is growing, nevertheless.

Video and stars

The girls of SoapyMassage do not mind the slippery predicament they are always in. In fact, they love it so much that they put their very heart and soul in every scene they have. Each of the scene starts out with the same idea in mind: to satisfy the customers that visit their so-called massage parlor. The men are average looking and you could say they are amateurs but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to showcasing their big, throbbing cocks. It all starts out with ladies slathering soap all over their sexy bodies and then it comes to a point where they put their whole weight and push the men down, rubbing their very own to the men’s body. It is as erotic as it sounds and it always leads to some really aggressive tug jobs and really delicious blow jobs. A lot of fingering is involved here and then an intense fuck session then commences. There are 160+ porn stars in here and they range from being semi professionals to seasoned ones. Plenty of familiar faces will flood your memory but that just makes it even more exciting – knowing that these ladies will surely deliver.

With almost 300 great quality videos in SoapyMassage’s collection, you will have a lot of scenes to choose from. Or, you could always watch every single thing in here. Each scene lasts for at least 20 minutes while the really old ones can go up to 15 minutes. You will notice how their scenes are evolving from decent ones to just being amazing. The essence is still there, only that it has gotten more hardcore. You can watch the scenes via streaming or downloading. There are good points in choosing any of them so make yourself at home. Streaming can be done on your browser but just make sure your embedded flash player has been updated to the most recent version or to the version that the site recommends. You get a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution for streaming, plus, you can always resize the player. Downloading will give you two formats such as mp4 or wmv. The mp4 format gives you the same resolution as streaming, 1920 x 1080, while the wmv format gives you a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. No download limit applies in here so you are free to save as much as you want.

Membership price

  • $1.00
  • $8.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $89.95 – $7.16/Mo.

Final thoughts

I can attest that SoapyMassage is one of the industry’s best places to find good massage themed porn videos and photos. Not only that, their qualities are amazingly overwhelming and the place has so much to offer with their content count growing over the months. The site updates are certainly fast albeit a little inconsistent; the site features are certainly top notch despite the SoapyMassage being around for quite some time already. It would seem like they updated their features along the way and made it a whole lot better compared to before.

The sex here is undeniably and unquestionably remarkable and superior compared to other porn sites I have encountered. So many things are widely better here and it is quite enough to warrant this site the recommendation it needs. Make sure to check SoapyMassage out so you will never miss out on the hottest, most promiscuous massage porn videos in the world wide web.

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