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Vacation sex is one of the best sex out there, imagine being in the mountains enjoying the beautiful view while you just got back from a long walk or a hike and then you have a few drinks at a local pub and engage in an orgy with the locals at a nearby cabin, no obligations and no commitments, you’re just there for the good times and the fun. MountainFuckFest shows exactly that, you can watch as the locals join in on the fun with the tourists as they have sex outdoors and indoors, they also have sex scenes involving the locals who do orgies in the fields, with this site you will surely look forward to your next vacation.

A look at the content

MountainFuckFest is powered by ExtremeMoviePass and has been delivering the best vacation sex, best orgies and best outdoor sex on the web since 2001, the site has thousands of high definition videos that you can download and convert into mp3, mp4, AVI, WMV and many others and transfer them into you device like Android phones, Iphones, Ipads and many more. They also offer an easy to navigate and a user friendly mobile version of the site or you can also take advantage of their fast streaming option if you are using your desktop computer.

Each of the videos has a brief summary of the plot and they also introduce the models involved in the clip, aside from their high definition videos you can also download and transfer high resolution pictures into your device. Aside from being able to watch their contents once you sign up as a member of the site, you will also be able to watch the contents of 80 bonus sites that are under ExtremeMoviePass such as BigBreastTV that shows women with big tits and sexy figures; CrazyMonsterCock which features a male model with a huge dick and you can watch as he has sex with multiple women;

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Video and stars

MountainFuckFest features wild, steamy sex while outdoors and the sex perfectly blends with the beautiful nature; in one video it showed a tourist woman who was being shown around by a local man, who pointed out the wooden cabin, the beautiful scenery with green fields and green mountains. They walked along the fields and along a river that leads to a lake, they talked about the woman’s visit and about how long she was planning to stay. As the man showed the woman around they stopped by a tree near a lake and they decided to rest, the man then started groping the tourist woman as he held her stomach and rubbed her thighs, he leaned forward and kissed her, he then opened her top and squeezed her big breasts.

He pulled her bra down and slowly and sensually licked her erect nipples making the woman squirm and spread her legs, he then reached down and pulled her underwear to the side and rubbed her clean shaven pussy, and he stuck his tongue out and licked her clit. After eating her out, the man then took his jacket off and he pulled a blanket off of his bag and laid it on the ground for the woman to lay on as he continued to suck her off again, he then stood up and pulled his cock out, the woman then knelt to the ground and grabbed his cock and started sucking it, the man then grabbed her by the head and made her go deeper into her throat, mouth fucking her.

He then made her go on all fours as he fucked her from behind while holding her waist to steady her, as he went faster the tits of the women bounced harder, he then lifted her as he laid on the blanket and made her ride him no breaking the pace, he thrusts his hips so that his cock can dig deeper into her hole, she used his arm for support as she was positioned facing the camera, she bounced up and down his cock while the man used his one hand to hold her waist and he used his other hand to hold her tits.

After he fucked her pussy, he pulled out and inserted his cock into her butthole, stretching it; he pounded her ass as the woman rubbed her clit the whole time, she was still facing the camera so the viewers can see her breasts bouncing as well from the impact of his cock being rammed inside her, as he drilled her ass the camera focused on her pussy, she rubbed it and inserted a finger while pre cum was oozing out of it, she used the impact of her being ass fucked to be able to finger herself and to be able to rub her clit . She then stood up and gave him a blowjob while he was still lying on the blanket; she licked him and sucked his balls while she was pleasuring herself. The video then ended with him shooting his load on her mouth and her face.

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Final thoughts

This site gives an idea of a relaxing and experience filled vacation in a different level, they have high quality videos of locals and tourists involved in orgies outside and inside their cabins. As a subscriber you will also have access to 80 other sites that you will surely enjoy and you can download all of the videos on your phone or your personal computer.

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