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If you are ticked by BDSM type content, there is a good chance that you will be thrilled by what you get on CFNM TV. This is one of the few platforms that feature dudes being subjected to a wide range of actions that automatically arouses them by hot, sexy and stunningly gorgeous cuties. The videos play at impressively fast speeds exceeding 4000k and come in dynamic sizes of up to 960x540p.

A look at the content

Apart from the clearly artistic blend of background colors sporting sky blue and glossy black hues, I noticed that it’s not all about art and fun. There is a clear and deliberate effort to focus on the end user with an aim of providing the ultimate experience and ensuring that they come back. I could begin my entertainment session as soon as I arrived on the scene. There are tagged captions that lead to the action zone once you click on the image.

I could see, even from these representations that the cuties were on the prowl. It is a unique platform that allows girls to go all the way and satisfy the urges that have been simmering for years. I liked the way all scenes are preceded by clear descriptions. You are connected to the ensuing action because you follow the developments with some insider info. Mobile users can check out the videos directly on their mobile phones. I could sample my favorite flicks while stuck in traffic and many other times I could squeeze in a quicky. Movies on CFNM TV are only available for a limited period. They are removed after a while.

That is really, the spirit of the platform design. These videos are meant to be shown much like the TV series movies. That is why there are many updates but the scenes seem to remain the same. My little advice if you do not have plenty of time to enjoy these videos when they are available is to download and save them for viewing at your convenient time. I could stream and download videos as much as I wished on CFNM TV. I was impressed with the robust system tweaks that allow you to download up to four items at a go.

Video and stars

There is no doubt that the girls are stunningly gorgeous. You are presented with a twist of sorts here. It is hard to reconcile such tender looking cuties in such tough and thoroughly hardcore stunts with the attractive dudes. All the girls are in some form of clothing while the dudes are presented in their birthday suits. The dudes are willingly subjected to a variety hot actions and eventually  fucked by cuties with strap-ons.

The girls gang up to force the British lads to even fuck each other. You are treated to plenty of cock sucking and hardcore action in these scenes. The dudes are often fucked deep and hard by the girls. I loved the uncut cocks in their steady sumptuous form. The cuties come in all sizes and shapes but they are all impressively gorgeous cuties. They are seen gagging and spanking the dudes with such glee and relish.

There are over 82 episodes that feature the fresh type dudes in the hardcore scenes. You are also provided with plenty of still pics in galleries. Each of sets contains between 30 and 100 pics in great high res specs. You will enjoy watching these videos.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

CFNM TV is a light BDSM platform that features hunkies in submissive scenes overseen by stunningly gorgeous hotties. You are treated to constant updates and crisp clear videos that will keep you on the edge of your seat for long. Checking out males stripped by such gorgeous cuties was a real thrill for me.

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